Sharjah: The body of a worker was found hanging in his accommodation in Al Sajja on Wednesday morning, a Sharjah Police official said.

The worker is believed to have committed suicide, the official said.

His roommate told police they tried to free the man’s body when they saw it in an attempt to save his life but their attempt was in vain as he was already dead.

Police and forensic teams went to the scene after receiving information about the incident. They removed the victim’s body and transferred it to hospital and then to the forensic laboratory for an autopsy.

He added that officials took fingerprints and other details from the scene to investigate the matter but so far do not suspect anyone was involved in the incident.

The 25-year-old worker was from India, official said

Police have transferred the case to the Public Prosecution.

The official advised anyone thinking about taking their own life that it is a criminal act in addition to being against the teachings of Islam. He urged people to be patient and seek advice from religious scholars whenever they have problems.

This article first appeared on GulfNews.com

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