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Sunday / October 13.

What We Are Reading Today: The Crowded Hour by Clay Risen

This is the dramatic story of the most famous regiment in American history: The Rough Riders, a motley group of soldiers led by Theodore Roosevelt, whose daring exploits marked the beginning of American imperialism in the 20th century. 

The Crowded Hour “is not a biography of Theodore Roosevelt nor is it a full description of the Spanish-American War or even the liberation of Cuba from Spanish control,” said a review in goodreads.com.  

“It is, however, an in-depth portrayal of Roosevelt’s Rough Riders and their trials getting to, fighting in, and return from the Cuban conflict. There were many failures on the part of the national government and the army hierarchy that were tragic and unnecessary,” it added.

The Crowded Hour “dives deep into the daily lives and struggles of Roosevelt and his regiment. Using diaries, letters, and memoirs, Clay Risen illuminates a disproportionately influential moment in American history: A war of only six months’ time that dramatically altered the US standing in the world,” said the review.

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