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Thursday / November 21.

What We Are Reading Today: Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport


What We Are Reading Today: How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi

In this book, Ibram X. Kendi weaves together an electrifying combination of ethics, history, law, and science, bringing it all together with an engaging personal narrative of his own awakening to antiracism.

How to Be an Antiracist is an “essential work for anyone who wants to go beyond an awareness of racism to the next step: Contributing to the formation of a truly just and equitable society,” said a review in goodreads.com.

Critic Jeffrey C. Stewart said in a review for The New York Times that Kendi is on a mission to push those of us who believe we are not racists to become something else: Antiracists, who support ideas and policies affirming that “the racial groups are equals in all their apparent differences — that there is nothing right or wrong with any racial group.” 

Steward said: “For Kendi, the founding director of the Antiracist Research and Policy Center at American University, there are no nonracists; there are only racists — people who allow racist ideas to proliferate without opposition — and antiracists, those who expose and eradicate such ideas wherever they encounter them.”


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