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Thursday / December 12.

Weather alert: Chance of rain in UAE


Dubai: Rain showers drenched some parts of the UAE on Thursday afternoon and residents can expect more to come their way over the next few hours.

Light to moderate rain fell on Saa in Al Ain at around 2:30pm today, according to the weather bureau.

Between 1 pm and 8pm tonight, forecasters said there is a chance that convective clouds may form and generate rainfall.

The public has also been warned that visibility on roads could drop, making navigating certain roads tricky for drivers.

“[There is a] chance of convective clouds formation [that may be] associated with rainfall and fresh winds with poor horizontal visibility to less than 2,000 metres at times,” the National Centre for Meteorology (NCM) said.

Thursday’s temperatures dropped to their lowest level at 14.3 degrees Celsius in Jais Mountain at 2.45am.

Tomorrow will be humid over the coasts with a chance of mist formation in the morning. Winds will also be light to moderate. “Sea will be moderate in the Arabian Gulf and light to moderate in Oman Sea,” NCM said.


This article first appeared on GulfNews.com