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Saturday / December 15.

Watch: 2 Emirati men save cat from busy road

Dubai: Stray cats are an issue in the UAE, with reports of them either poisoned in residential areas or run over on the streets

An online video that has been trending online recently shows how two Emirati men rescue a cat from a busy road in Sharjah. 

Standing as close as possible to the roadway median, in an area next to Sharjah International Airport, the video shows how the men take several attempts in picking up the scared feline with their baseball caps. 

Social media users praised the efforts of the two Emirati men, as @jhassyjoy, said: “Ooh, so touching. True heroes. I’m so proud to both of you guys keep it up.”

On the other hand, a number of social media users pointed out the dangers of the situation and that they unnecessary put their lives at risk, with @anoodalakrabi saying: “Masha Allah, but the situation was dangerous. It was better if they contacted the authorities because the lanes were very fast.” 

via GN