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Tuesday / April 23.

UAE-based tailor busted for selling crystal meth

Dubai: Police have arrested a tailor on Tuesday for selling methamphetamine to residents in Abu Dhabi.

The Asian tailor was also a drug trafficker, according to Abu Dhabi Police, and was arrested with six kilograms of pure crystal meth in his possession.

Colonel Taher Gharib Al Dhahiri, director of the Drug Control Department in CID, said that police initially received a tip-off indicating that the suspect possessed a quantity of narcotic substances with the intent to distribute.

Police then launched a surveillance plan to watch the suspect’s movements, and to apprehend him as soon as possible.

The suspect was soon caught and during interrogation, confessed to selling the narcotics in order to earn additional income.  

The suspects was referred to the Public Prosecutor’s office after being charged with possessing and promoting drugs. 

This article first appeared on GulfNews.com