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Tuesday / November 12.

Triangular Shaped UFO Seen Traveling Into A Lightning Bolt: Could This Be Proof Of Alien Life?


A video was captured of a UFO traveling into a lightning bolt and was posted on YouTube. The YouTube account is known for sharing videos about aliens.  ( Secureteam10 | YouTube )

A YouTube video uploaded on May 5 shows what they claim to be a triangular-shaped UFO traveling inside of a lightning bolt. It was spotted during a lightning storm in the Czech Republic.

The title of the video is They Dwell In The Lightning.

UFOs In Lightning

YouTube uploader Secureteam10 says that the UFO in the video can be seen traveling through the lightning bolt or harvesting power from the lightning bolt. Conspiracy theorists are saying that no manmade spacecraft are able to travel through lightning that easily. In the video, more footage can be seen of other UFOs traveling inside of lightning bolts from around the world.

Secureteam10 is run by Tyler Glockner. In the video Glockner says that this is a new capture of a UFO in a lightning storm. He adds that in the video the UFO is either being struck, caught within, or siphoning energy from a lightning bolt as it was coming down.

This footage was captured by another UFO hunter and not by Glockner himself. In a still image of the footage, Glockner claims a spacecraft can be seen passing through the lightning bolt. A second video was posted on May 5 showing another UFO sighting in Arizona.

The second video shows that there was a light spotted flying over Phoenix, Arizona. The image was posted on social media by the Arizona Department of Transportation.

Secureteam10 Controversies

Secureteam10 has come under fire for allegedly posting fake videos of UFOs. It has posted videos that claim to show aliens flying by the International Space Station, what it says is a fortress on the moon, and black cubes that are sucking energy from the sun. The channel has been called out by rival channels of posting videos that are damaging real UFO research.

A rival channel called Lion’s Ground produced videos that question the claims being made by Glockner in his channel. Lion’s Ground said that one video showing aliens in Antarctica turned out to be a pond.

In 2017, Secureteam10 was demonetized by YouTube. Glockner said that the Secureteam10 channel hosts alternative news and called the demonetization censorship. He was forced to start a Patreon account to accept donations

The channel has also been called out by users in the UFOs Reddit. Some have said that Glockner is trying to make a living while others are saying that the channel is posting anything for the sake of views. Glockner has admitted to pretending to be an expert for one of his own videos.

Unless definitive proof is offered by a legitimate source, it is always helpful to take these video with a grain of salt.

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