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Tuesday / September 25.

Podcast: Motor, Air, Oil – what do they have in common?

Dubai’s hosting of three major conferences makes for one of the busiest news weeks of the year

Dubai: When the UAE throws a party, everyone shows up. When the UAE throws three major parties, well, it makes for one of the busiest business weeks of the year.

That’s what happened this week, which started with the Dubai Air Show, which comes around only once every two years. This year’s show has been loaded with drama, including the on-again-off-again press conference with Airbus.

Emirates and Boeing kicked off the show with a $15 billion deal for forty 787 Dreamliners, leaving many to speculate on whether Airbus would get any love. The word ‘round the campfire is that if Airbus wants Emirates affection, it’s going to have to commit – to 10-15 years (and probably some service contracts, but we don’t want to stretch that analogy too far).

For the more economically minded among you, we also have Adipec, which is the major oil show going on in Abu Dhabi. After years of saying that shale oil isn’t sustainable, has the industry finally accepted that $50-$60 is a balanced price for oil?

Finally, the week is ending on the road (sort of). The Dubai Motor Shows kicked off on Tuesday, with something to love for every auto enthusiast.

So have a listen to the Dirhams & Dollars crew talk about the big news and views, and the defining stories from these events, before they fall over from exhaustion.

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