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Wednesday / February 19.

Pakistan, Saudi Arabia to sign media deal

“The Unforgiven”: Arab News investigates the plight of Qatar’s Al-Ghufran tribe

RIYADH: The plight of the Qatari Al-Ghufran clan is the subject of Arab News’ week-long coverage which begins October 7.

The Arab News special, titled “The Unforgiven: Persecution of Qatar’s Al-Ghufran Tribe,” will feature a three-part print and web presentation that focuses on the history, humanitarian aspect and legal point of view of the crimes committed by the regime in Doha.

The coverage will also have an interactive, digital deep-dive into the Qatari clan’s tragedy. On October 10, a mini-documentary will premiere in English and Arabic languages.

Several media outlets have agreed to cross-publish and to translate the Al-Ghufran material, which includes never-seen-before interviews and footages.

Arab News is launching a week-long program of coverage examining the plight of the Qatari Al-Ghufran clan, who have suffered at the hands of the Qatari regime. (AN photo/Screenshot)

“The project is part of our ongoing efforts to make sure the Middle East is better explained to international audiences who don’t speak Arabic and who may not be aware of the complexities of our region,” said Arab News Editor-in-Chief, Faisal J. Abbas.

“This is particularly true when it comes to the Al-Ghufran case. It is unfortunate that all what most of the world sees is the glitz and glamour of the Qatari regime; but very little is known about the systematic expelling and stripping of citizenship of thousands of this regime’s own people,” he added.

Readers interested in following the coverage can visit The Unforgiven.

via AN