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Tuesday / January 21.

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DUBAI: Two zookeepers were attacked by a jaguar that escaped from its enclosure after a cage door was accidentally left open at a UAE zoo, national daily Gulf News reported.

The men were rescued when their colleagues at Al Ain Zoo used a fire extinguisher to fend off the big cat.

One of the zookeepers managed to escape quickly, while the second had to be rescued. Both are now making full recovery, with one already discharged, the report added.

No members of public were harmed in the incident, and zoo authorities have launched investigation of the incident.

“We are investigating the incident to determine its causes and make the necessary recommendations,” Ghanem Mubarak Al Hajeri, director general of Al Ain Zoo said.

Al Ain Zoo opened in 1968, and since then housed over 4,000 animals across 200 species. Al Ain is the second city of the emirate of Abu Dhabi. 

via AN