DUBAI: Emirates Skycargo said on Wednesday that it deploys capacity to supply and replenish food and medicines in the UAE, as rulers role out strategies to sustain the country amid the coronavirus pandemic, Reuters news agency reported.

The national cargo organization said it transported between mid-January and mid-March more than 225,000 tons of cargo in total out of which 55,000 tons were food items including fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood, and more than 13,000 tons were pharmaceutical. 

Since the UAE imports 90 percent of its food, food security is a top priority. The annual food security costs of the country is $3.53 billion annually.

Earlier this week the UAE announced a strategic food security law that ensures adequate and uninterrupted food supplies through wholesalers and retailers across the UAE at all times, Khaleej Times reported. 

The law seeks to regulate the strategic stock of food commodities in the country in the event of crises, emergencies and disasters and offers incentives and facilities to registered providers and merchants.

via AN

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