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Friday / November 15.

British ambassador to the US resigns after leaked cables scandal


British boy wrongly accused of supporting Daesh leader awarded thousands in compensation

DUBAI: A British school boy has been paid thousands in compensation after his teachers wrongly accused him of wearing a T-shirt which they claimed supported Daesh, national newspaper The Daily Mail reported.

The unnamed 11-year-old was eight when he was confronted by concerned teachers who accused him of wearing a T-shirt supporting the world’s most wanted man, Daesh leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi.

The T-shirt actually carried a slogan that said: “I want to be like Abu Bakr Al-Siddique,” –  a well-known Islamic figure and the prophet’s father-in-law.

The boy was questioned at the time by social services, who also told his mother the school had ‘recorded a caution’ against the child, and had spoken to him about ‘deradicalization.’

On Wednesday the boy was awarded nearly $4,400 in compensation from the London Borough of Tower Hamlets council.

His parents said the incident affected his confidence and made him more reluctant to speak in class.


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