UAE Cuts Work Permit Cancellation Time to 45 Seconds

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has significantly expedited the process of canceling work permits, slashing the turnaround time from three minutes to a mere 45 seconds. This streamlining initiative, announced by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE), aligns with the UAE's Zero Government Bureaucracy Programme, aiming to simplify government procedures and enhance customer experience.

The revamped cancellation process eliminates the need for any documentation, further reducing administrative burdens for businesses. Previously, employers were required to submit two documents to cancel a worker's permit. Additionally, the number of required fields to be filled out has been reduced from seven to just two, minimizing the time and effort involved in the process.

This development marks the second phase of the Work Bundle platform, a comprehensive initiative designed to consolidate and simplify various employment-related services. The platform encompasses services such as issuing new work permits, pre-renewing existing permits, requesting status adjustments, and facilitating the issuance of visas and employment contracts.

The expedited cancellation process is expected to benefit both employers and employees. Businesses can now terminate employment contracts swiftly and efficiently, streamlining their workforce management practices. For employees leaving their jobs, the faster cancellation process can expedite the processing of exit visas and final settlements, facilitating a smoother transition.

The MOHRE emphasizes that the simplified cancellation process does not undermine employee rights. The ministry upholds established labor regulations, ensuring fair treatment for all workers throughout the employment lifecycle.

The streamlining of work permit cancellations reflects the UAE's ongoing commitment to fostering a business-friendly environment. By minimizing bureaucratic hurdles, the government aims to attract foreign investment and stimulate economic growth. The initiative also aligns with the UAE's Vision 2021, a strategic roadmap that prioritizes innovation, efficiency, and knowledge-based development.

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