NOW Money and Mastercard Join Forces

The landscape of digital payments in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is set for a transformation as UAE-based fintech firm NOW Money and global payments giant Mastercard announce a strategic partnership. This collaboration aims to empower financially underserved communities across the region by providing them with secure and convenient access to digital financial tools.

NOW Money, known for its innovative digital payroll and mobile banking platform catering to migrant workers, will leverage Mastercard's extensive network and expertise to issue co-branded payment cards. This will enable NOW Money's vast user base to seamlessly manage their finances, participate in the digital economy, and enjoy the benefits of secure cashless transactions across the GCC.

This partnership aligns perfectly with NOW Money's mission of financial inclusion. By offering Mastercard-powered cards, they can bridge the gap for migrant workers who often face challenges accessing traditional banking services. The co-branded cards will allow users to make online payments, shop at physical stores equipped with point-of-sale systems, and withdraw cash from ATMs across the GCC. This not only enhances financial security but also empowers users to manage their money more effectively.

Mastercard sees this partnership as a strategic move to further expand its reach within the GCC's burgeoning digital payments market. The region has witnessed a significant surge in cashless transactions in recent years, driven by factors like rising smartphone penetration and growing internet access. By collaborating with a prominent player like NOW Money, Mastercard gains a foothold in the underserved migrant worker segment, a demographic with immense potential for digital financial services.

The partnership extends beyond simply issuing co-branded cards. Both companies plan to leverage their combined expertise to develop innovative financial solutions tailored to the specific needs of the GCC market. This could involve creating new features within the NOW Money app that integrate seamlessly with Mastercard's secure payment gateway. Additionally, exploring new product offerings like prepaid cards or microloans could further expand financial inclusion within the region.

This collaboration between NOW Money and Mastercard is a significant development for the GCC's financial landscape. It has the potential to empower millions of migrant workers by granting them access to secure and user-friendly digital financial tools. By fostering financial inclusion, this partnership can contribute to the overall economic development of the GCC region.

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