National Bank of Fujairah Names New CEO

The National Bank of Fujairah (NBF) unveiled a leadership change on July 3rd, 2024. Vince Cook, the bank's current Chief Executive Officer, will step down after a successful 14-year tenure on September 30th, 2024. Adnan Anwar, NBF's Deputy CEO, will succeed Cook, taking the helm of the financial institution.

NBF's Board of Directors expressed their deep appreciation for Cook's contributions. Chairman of the Board, His Highness Sheikh Saleh Bin Mohamed Bin Hamad AlSharqi, acknowledged the transformative period under Cook's leadership. He highlighted Cook's commitment to exceptional customer service and strategic vision, which have positioned NBF as a prominent financial player within the region. The Board offered their best wishes to Cook in his future endeavors.

Cook's tenure witnessed significant developments for NBF. The bank underwent a digital transformation, bolstering its online presence and streamlining operations. Additionally, NBF expanded and strengthened its offerings in key areas such as SME banking, trade finance, and Islamic finance. Furthermore, the bank pursued a robust environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategy, achieving consistent financial performance despite global economic challenges.

Anwar brings a wealth of experience to his new role. He has been with NBF for over 19 years, having served as Chief Financial Officer since January 2010. In November 2020, he was appointed Deputy CEO. Anwar has played a pivotal role in NBF's financial success and is known for his dedication to driving innovation and positive change for both the bank's customers and employees. His deep understanding of the banking industry, coupled with his proven track record, positions him well to lead NBF into the future.

Under Anwar's leadership, NBF aims to solidify its position as a leader within the UAE's banking sector. The bank's focus will lie on expanding its digital services, maintaining a customer-centric approach, and achieving continued growth. NBF is confident that Anwar's expertise and vision will ensure the bank's continued success in the years to come.

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