Uncertain Future for Armello Developer League of Geeks

Australian game developer League of Geeks, the studio behind the popular digital board game Armello, has announced a period of indefinite inactivity, casting a shadow over the future of its projects. The news comes just months after the studio faced significant layoffs due to financial difficulties.

In a statement released on their website, League of Geeks co-founders Ty Carey, Blake Mizzi, and Trent Kusters attributed the decision to "the economic situation in games being what it is right now. " The studio cited a confluence of factors impacting their ability to operate, including rising operational costs, an unfavorable exchange rate, and disappointing sales figures for their Early Access title Jumplight Odyssey. Furthermore, the statement acknowledged the current climate within the games industry, highlighting a "withdrawal of funding opportunities" as a contributing factor.

The impact of this hibernation period is two-fold. Firstly, development on Jumplight Odyssey will remain on hold. While the studio hopes to eventually release a more complete version of the game, the founders acknowledge the limitations imposed by their reduced resources. Secondly, the future of League of Geeks itself is uncertain. While the statement expresses a desire to revive the studio at some point, the co-founders concede they are unsure "when (or if)" this will occur.

The news will come as a blow to fans of Armello, the studio's flagship title. Released in 2015, Armello garnered critical acclaim for its unique blend of digital board game mechanics and fantasy world-building. The game continues to enjoy a dedicated player base, with the developers assuring fans that online functionality for Armello will remain unaffected. However, the future of potential content updates or expansions for the title remains unclear.

The decision by League of Geeks reflects the broader challenges facing the games industry, particularly for smaller studios. Rising development costs and a competitive market landscape can make financial sustainability a constant struggle. The League of Geeks situation serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the precarious nature of the industry and the potential impact on beloved game franchises.

While the future remains uncertain for League of Geeks, the studio's legacy is secure. Armello stands as a testament to their creativity and development prowess. Fans can only hope that the studio will one day emerge from hibernation, ready to breathe new life into their existing projects or embark on exciting new ventures.

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