Schneider Electric, Aveva Forge Alliance to Enhance EV Battery Production

In a move designed to bolster efficiency within the electric vehicle (EV) battery production sector, Schneider Electric and AVEVA, industry leaders in energy management and industrial software respectively, have announced a collaborative effort with IN-CORE Systèmes. This tripartite alliance aims to revolutionize EV battery manufacturing by establishing a more comprehensive data-driven approach.

The exponential growth of the EV market has intensified the demand for improved battery production. Manufacturers are under increasing pressure to refine quality, optimize production processes, and achieve better business outcomes. However, this surge in production has also introduced new challenges, including inconsistencies in processes and failure modes that lead to operational hurdles, material waste, and labor inefficiencies. Industry reports suggest that as much as 20% of materials used in EV battery production are scrapped, and a significant 47 kWh of energy is required to produce just 1 kWh of battery cell, highlighting the need for substantial advancements in this domain.

The partnership between Schneider Electric, AVEVA, and IN-CORE Systèmes seeks to address these issues by fostering greater data connectivity throughout the production lifecycle. IN-CORE Systèmes' traceability solution will seamlessly integrate with AVEVA's System Platform, enabling the consolidation of critical data points across various stages of production, from electrode manufacturing to final cell and pack performance. This comprehensive data picture will empower manufacturers to identify and rectify problems more swiftly, minimize waste generation, and optimize production and material usage.

"Operational challenges are the biggest obstacle to achieving success in EV battery production, " said Christel Galbrun, Segment President for Mobility at Schneider Electric. "As demand continues to rise, it is imperative that we prioritize improvements in quality and efficiency, while simultaneously reducing variations and material waste. This collaboration with IN-CORE Systèmes will equip the EV industry with unparalleled data connectivity, paving the way for a fully optimized data architecture across all processes. "

By providing manufacturers with a deeper understanding of their production operations, this joint venture has the potential to significantly transform the EV battery production landscape. Improved data-driven decision-making will not only lead to enhanced quality and efficiency but also contribute to environmental sustainability through waste reduction and optimized energy consumption. As the EV market sets its sights on a greener future, this collaboration between Schneider Electric, AVEVA, and IN-CORE Systèmes represents a crucial step towards achieving a more streamlined and responsible battery production process.

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