Meridianbet Debuts Dedicated Casino Bonus Wallet

Meridianbet, a prominent European online gaming operator, has unveiled a novel feature designed to enhance the player experience:the Casino Bonus Wallet. This dedicated wallet specifically holds casino bonus funds, offering players a more transparent and convenient way to manage their promotional rewards.

Previously, bonus funds on Meridianbet were integrated with a player's overall account balance. This new system streamlines the process by segregating bonus funds, allowing players to clearly distinguish between their cash deposits and promotional incentives.

The Casino Bonus Wallet caters exclusively to slots enthusiasts. Players accumulate bonus funds by participating in active promotions on the platform. Meridianbet is known for its array of engaging promotions, and the Casino Bonus Wallet ensures players can effortlessly track and utilize these bonus funds on their favorite slot titles.

A key innovation within the Casino Bonus Wallet is the automated rollover system. This feature eliminates manual tracking for players. The system automatically transfers bonuses across various slot games, fulfilling the playthrough requirements necessary to convert bonus funds into withdrawable cash.

For players who prefer more control, Meridianbet offers the ability to customize rollovers for specific categories. This includes table games, slots, and even live casino games, providing flexibility to players with diverse gaming preferences.

Transparency remains a central focus with the Casino Bonus Wallet. A prominent feature is the Live Progress Bar. This real-time tracker allows players to monitor their bonus progress visually. The bar highlights games that contribute towards fulfilling rollover requirements, empowering players to make informed decisions while maximizing their bonus potential.

The introduction of the Casino Bonus Wallet aligns with Meridianbet's ongoing commitment to innovation. This player-centric initiative reflects the company's dedication to providing an unparalleled gaming experience. The Casino Bonus Wallet serves as a testament to Meridianbet's focus on streamlining processes and fostering a transparent and engaging environment for its online casino players.

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