Etihad and Royal Air Maroc Take Flight Together in Strategic Partnership

Etihad Airways and Royal Air Maroc have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to strengthen their commercial and operational ties, aiming to provide travelers with a more seamless and expanded travel experience. This strategic partnership signifies a commitment by both airlines to explore enhanced cooperation while promoting sustainable aviation practices.

"This agreement opens doors to a wide range of possibilities, " said Etihad Airways CEO Antonoaldo Neves. "We'll be looking to expand our codeshare arrangements to cover more destinations within Morocco and Africa, develop our existing frequent flyer program collaboration, and potentially work together on ground handling, maintenance, and engineering. "

Abdelhamid Addou, Chairman and CEO of Royal Air Maroc, echoed Neves' enthusiasm. "We are thrilled to establish this significant partnership with Etihad Airways. It aligns perfectly with our goal of improving connectivity and offering our passengers a smoother travel experience through our respective hubs. "

The existing codeshare agreement already allows customers of both airlines to enjoy greater connectivity across their combined networks. This includes seamless travel between Morocco and the UAE, with connections beyond Casablanca into Africa and beyond Abu Dhabi. Passengers can book their entire journey on a single ticket and have their luggage checked through to their final destination.

This MoU signifies a significant step forward for both Etihad Airways and Royal Air Maroc. By working together, they aim to provide travelers with more choices, improved services, and a focus on sustainable travel practices. The specifics of the expanded codeshare program, frequent flyer program cooperation, and potential ground handling and maintenance collaborations are still under development. However, this partnership holds promise for a future of enhanced travel experiences for customers of both airlines.

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