EasyOS Ushers in New Era with Long-Term Supported Release

EasyOS, the Linux distribution known for its container-centric approach and live persistence, has unveiled its latest iteration:EasyOS 6. 0. This release marks a significant milestone for the project, kicking off a new Long-Term Supported (LTS) series.

The EasyOS development team emphasizes the "new paradigm" philosophy behind the distribution. This philosophy centers on containerization and utilizing RAM for storage operations, leading to swift application launches and a responsive user experience.

At the heart of EasyOS 6. 0 lies the Linux kernel 6. 6. 32, offering a solid foundation. The software packages themselves are built upon a customized version of the OpenEmbedded Scarthgap release, another LTS project with support extending until April 2028. Further bolstering the package ecosystem is a custom layer dubbed "meta-quirky, " crafted by EasyOS developer Barry Kauler. This layer injects an additional 240 software recipes alongside a multitude of patches for existing ones, ensuring a comprehensive and well-rounded application suite.

Users can expect a plethora of pre-installed applications catering to diverse needs. From creative powerhouses like GIMP and Inkscape to office essentials such as LibreOffice, EasyOS 6. 0 boasts a well-equipped arsenal. Multimedia enthusiasts are well-served with applications like Celluloid for video playback and Flowblade for video editing. Development tasks are facilitated by Geany, a lightweight yet versatile code editor. System management is a breeze with utilities like GParted included in the mix.

This LTS release signifies a commitment from the EasyOS team to provide a stable and secure platform for users for an extended period. With its focus on containerization, live persistence, and a rich application suite, EasyOS 6. 0 presents a compelling option for users seeking a unique and efficient Linux experience.

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