Dubai's Eywa and Mindvalley Forge Partnership for Growth Sanctuary

Dubai's Eywa, a residential project designed with well-being in mind, has joined forces with Mindvalley, a globally recognized leader in personal transformation, to establish a haven for fostering personal growth. This strategic partnership will designate a significant portion of Eywa's Dubai property as Mindvalley's regional hub.

The collaboration centers around a 6, 500-square-foot space within Eywa that will be transformed into a sanctuary for Mindvalley's esteemed instructors. This facility will be outfitted with cutting-edge amenities to create an ideal environment for Mindvalley's experts to thrive. The Dubai property boasts unique features that cater to holistic wellness, including a spacious terrace with a cascading waterfall and pool, enveloped by lush greenery.

Vishen Lakhiani, the founder of Mindvalley, emphasized the significance of the environment in shaping personal growth. "We at Mindvalley firmly believe that the spaces we inhabit significantly influence our consciousness, productivity, and overall health, " Lakhiani said in a statement. "The Eywa Movement exemplifies the creation of buildings that nurture the human spirit in all its dimensions – mind, body, and soul. This shared philosophy is what drew Mindvalley to partner with Eywa. "

Alex Zagrebelny, CEO of R. Evolution, the company behind Eywa, echoed Lakhiani's sentiments, highlighting the alignment between the two organizations' visions. "R. Evolution is dedicated to developing aesthetically stunning and health-centric buildings that represent the next generation of real estate and pave the way for a brighter future, " Zagrebelny remarked. "Our collaboration with Mindvalley brings together our expertise in crafting progressive living spaces with Mindvalley's knowledge in fostering human potential. "

This partnership is expected to position Dubai as a focal point for individuals seeking self-improvement and growth. Eywa's exceptional surroundings, coupled with Mindvalley's renowned programs and instructors, will provide a unique environment for individuals to embark on transformative journeys. The specifics of the programs and services offered at the center are yet to be revealed, but it is anticipated that Mindvalley will leverage this space to deliver its life-changing courses and workshops.

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