Crewmates Take the Spotlight in Animated Among Us

Get ready for emergency meetings and social deduction in cartoon form!The popular online game Among Us is setting its sights on television with an upcoming animated series. The first glimpse of the show arrived during the Summer Games Fest in June 2024, offering a sneak peek at the animated adaptation.

Developed by InnerSloth and produced by CBS Studios, the Among Us series is being helmed by Owen Dennis, a writer and storyboard artist known for his work on Cartoon Network's Regular Show. The animation style appears to borrow from the whimsical, bean-shaped crewmates from the video game, with the teaser showcasing them completing tasks on a spaceship while an impostor lurks in the shadows.

While details about the plot and characters remain under wraps, the brief teaser hints at a lighthearted and comedic tone that captures the essence of the game. The animation is fluid and colorful, retaining the charm of the original Among Us design.

Those familiar with the social deduction game can expect familiar themes of teamwork, betrayal, and suspense to translate to the animated format. Whether the crewmates will complete their tasks or fall victim to the impostor's sabotage remains to be seen, but the series is poised to bring the world of Among Us to life in a new and entertaining way.

Voice actors for the series include Randall Park, Ashley Johnson, Yvette Nicole Brown, and Elijah Wood, lending their talents to bring the crewmates to life. With a talented production team and a cast of recognizable voices, the Among Us series has all the ingredients to be a hit among fans of the game and animation enthusiasts alike.

While a release date hasn't been announced yet, the teaser's arrival suggests that the Among Us series is nearing completion. With its captivating gameplay and large fanbase, the animated adaptation is sure to generate excitement and anticipation among gamers and television viewers worldwide.

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