Assembly Merges with Brand New Galaxy in MENA

Stagwell Inc. , the marketing disruptor, has announced a significant development in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Brand New Galaxy, a well-established digital commerce agency, is undergoing a strategic rebranding, officially integrating its operations with Assembly, Stagwell's flagship marketing and communications agency.

This move signifies a powerful synergy between two industry leaders. Assembly, renowned for its data-driven, omnichannel marketing solutions, gains a robust digital commerce capability exceeding 400 experts. Brand New Galaxy, in turn, benefits from Assembly's broader spectrum of services, encompassing creative content, media buying, and performance marketing.

The combined entity boasts a unique advantage:the ability to seamlessly blend attitudinal, behavioral, and transactional data. This comprehensive view of customer journeys will be facilitated by STAGE, Assembly's proprietary AI-powered platform. STAGE empowers the creation of highly targeted and personalized marketing strategies, ultimately driving superior brand performance.

The leadership teams of both agencies are merging to ensure a smooth transition and maintain the high level of service clients have come to expect. Key executives from Brand New Galaxy will bolster Assembly's global leadership, fostering knowledge exchange and best practices across different markets.

"This is a pivotal moment for Assembly in the MENA region, " declared Faisal Dean, Assembly MENA CEO. "By integrating Brand New Galaxy's expertise, we establish ourselves as a true powerhouse, equipped to deliver exceptional value and return on investment for our clients. "

The impact of this merger extends beyond the immediate benefits for Assembly and its clients. It signifies a broader trend within the marketing landscape – the convergence of creative storytelling and data-driven commerce. As consumer behavior continues to evolve, brands require agencies that can navigate this complex landscape. The combined Assembly-Brand New Galaxy entity positions itself at the forefront of this evolution, offering a future-proofed approach to marketing success.

Industry analysts predict that this merger will have a significant ripple effect across the MENA marketing landscape. Assembly's enhanced capabilities are expected to attract a wider range of clients seeking integrated solutions encompassing both brand building and direct sales. Additionally, the success of this model could pave the way for similar consolidations within the region, fostering a more holistic and data-centric approach to marketing.

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