Upgrading Customer Experience on Short and Medium Haul Routes

Emirates is preparing for takeoff with its newest fleet addition, the Airbus A350. The airline recently announced the initial destinations for these game-changing aircraft, promising an enhanced travel experience for passengers on select short and medium haul routes.

The first 10 A350s, entering service in September 2024, will boast three distinct cabin classes:32 next-generation Business Class seats, a coveted 21 Premium Economy seats, and 259 generously spaced Economy Class seats. This signifies a significant expansion of Emirates' sought-after Premium Economy option on various routes.

"The A350 represents a turning point for Emirates, " declared Adnan Kazim, Deputy President and Chief Commercial Officer for Emirates. "This aircraft allows us to serve regional destinations with superior efficiency and flexibility, particularly across the Middle East, GCC, West Asia, and Europe. "

According to Kazim, the A350 embodies Emirates' commitment to providing an industry-leading customer experience. Passengers can expect the latest generation cabin products, featuring more Premium Economy seats across a wider range of cities. Additionally, the A350 boasts cutting-edge inflight entertainment technology and a plethora of other customer-centric features.

"Deploying the A350 to nine destinations within a short timeframe broadens premium cabin options and geographic choices for our customers, " said Kazim. "This strategic move strengthens our competitive edge and reaffirms our position as an industry leader. "

The initial deployment schedule for the A350 highlights Emirates' focus on regional connectivity.

In the Middle East and GCC, Bahrain will be the first to welcome the A350 on September 15th, operating on the daily EK839/840 service. Service frequency will gradually increase to include a second daily Bahrain route starting November 1st. Kuwait will follow suit on September 16th with the daily EK853/854 service, and Muscat's daily EK866/867 service will transition to the A350 on December 1st.

West Asia will also experience the A350 upgrade. Mumbai will see the A350 deployed on the EK502/503 route starting October 27th, alongside Ahmedabad's daily EK538/539 service. Colombo's fourth daily service, EK654/655, is slated to receive the A350 upgrade on January 1st, 2025.

Europe will see a touch of Emirates' A350 luxury with daily service to Lyon and Bologna commencing on December 1st. Additionally, Edinburgh will rejoin the Emirates network on November 4th, operated by the A350. Further details regarding Edinburgh service are forthcoming.

As Emirates receives additional A350 aircraft, the airline promises to announce further destinations in the coming months, solidifying its commitment to innovation and exceptional customer service on short and medium haul routes.

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