UAE's EDGE to Bolster Indonesia's Ammunition Production

EDGE, a prominent Emirati advanced technology and defense group, has inked a $27 million deal with PT Pindad, Indonesia's state-owned defense leader, to supply an ammunition production line. The agreement, signed during a high-profile visit by Indonesia's President-elect and Defense Minister, Lt. General (Ret. ) Prabowo Subianto, signifies a step towards increased collaboration between the two nations.

This new facility will focus on producing 5. 56x45mm and 7. 62x51mm caliber ammunition, which are commonly used in rifles and light machine guns. The project aligns with Indonesia's Ministry of Defense's strategy to boost domestic job creation and achieve self-sufficiency in ammunition manufacturing. Production is anticipated to begin in 2026.

This agreement strengthens the existing partnership between the UAE and Indonesia, contributing to their goal of reaching $10 billion in bilateral trade by 2030 under the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement. The deal highlights EDGE's growing role in the international defense market, showcasing its expertise in advanced weapons production technology.

Analysts believe this venture will not only enhance Indonesia's defense capabilities but also create new job opportunities within the country's manufacturing sector. The project is expected to foster a long-term strategic alliance between the UAE and Indonesia, promoting technological exchange and economic cooperation.

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