UAE Industries Get Boost as EPPCO Lubricants Introduces Groundbreaking Oil Rejuvenation Technology

EPPCO Lubricants, a joint venture between ENOC and Chevron, has partnered with global leader SKF to bring a revolutionary oil filtration system, SKF RecondOil, to the United Arab Emirates. This technology promises to extend the lifespan of lubricants, reduce waste, and enhance the sustainability of industrial operations.

The key lies in SKF RecondOil's innovative double separation system. This filtration process removes harmful nanoparticles from used oil, preventing them from causing wear and tear on machinery. Traditionally, these particles contribute to varnish buildup and lubricant degradation, requiring frequent oil changes – a costly and environmentally unfriendly practice.

By extending lubricant life, SKF RecondOil directly supports the principles of a circular economy. It transforms used oil from a consumable into a reusable asset, minimizing waste generation. This aligns perfectly with EPPCO Lubricants' commitment to next-generation, clean technologies.

"Our partnership with SKF provides our customers with access to a sustainable solution that prevents oil aging and optimizes performance, " stated His Excellency Saif Humaid Al Falasi, Group CEO of ENOC and Chairman of the EPPCO Lubricants Board. "This aligns with our focus on acquiring innovative solutions that enhance operational efficiency. "

SKF RecondOil offers additional benefits beyond cost savings and environmental advantages. The technology promotes enhanced system longevity, meaning machinery experiences less wear and tear, leading to fewer repairs and extended equipment lifespans.

"RecondOil is a proven and innovative technology, " said Sandro Chervatin, Director Sales Italy, Iberic, Turkey & ME at SKF. "This patented, double-separation nanoparticle technology reuses used oil and reduces environmental impact. "

Chervatin highlights the importance of a comprehensive approach to oil filtration. SKF RecondOil requires not only the advanced filter system but also a deep understanding of the lubricant industry, precise oil-filter matching, and ongoing oil analysis to monitor filtration performance.

As the sole distributor of SKF RecondOil filters in the UAE, EPPCO Lubricants leverages its established expertise in the lubricant market. The company offers a wide range of ENOC and Caltex branded lubricants and greases, catering to various industries, from automotive to marine. This new partnership positions EPPCO at the forefront of sustainable industrial lubrication solutions.

The introduction of SKF RecondOil in the UAE signifies a significant step towards more sustainable and efficient industrial operations. By extending lubricant life, minimizing waste, and promoting equipment longevity, this technology offers a win-win situation for businesses and the environment.

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