Notcoin Minted on TON Blockchain, Reaches Top 10 in Crypto Trading

Notcoin, a simple game initially launched as a Telegram mini-app, has become a testament to the potential of the Telegram and TON blockchains for fostering successful applications. Within a few months, Notcoin attracted a staggering 35 million active users, many of whom diligently tapped a virtual coin to earn in-game currency.

This seemingly insignificant tapping translated into real-world value recently. Notcoin transitioned from a purely in-game experience to a tradable cryptocurrency. The minting of Notcoin (NOT) tokens on the TON blockchain and subsequent listing on major exchanges like Binance and Bybit allowed users to convert their accumulated in-game currency into real money.

This move proved to be a massive success. Notcoin quickly rocketed to become a top-10 cryptocurrency by trading volume, with a market capitalization reaching close to $700 million. This rapid rise underscores the immense potential for developers leveraging the combined power of Telegram's vast user base and TON's fast and secure blockchain technology.

The success of Notcoin has also garnered the attention of Telegram founder Pavel Durov. In a surprising gesture of appreciation, nearly half a million Notcoin users gifted a combined $6. 8 million worth of NOT tokens to Durov. Durov, acknowledging the community's support, has expressed his intention to hold onto the tokens until Notcoin reaches a market cap of $680 million. He plans to utilize the proceeds from selling the tokens then to invest in expanding Telegram's server infrastructure.

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