Lucid and KACST Join Forces to Push Electric Vehicle Tech in Saudi Arabia

Lucid Group,the American manufacturer behind the award-winning Lucid Air electric car,has partnered with King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) in Saudi Arabia.This collaboration aims to propel electric vehicle technology advancements within the Kingdom.

Through a signed Memorandum of Understanding,the two entities will combine their expertise in scientific and technical research.This joint effort will focus on developing research programs that provide solutions for the transportation and energy sectors,ultimately strengthening the Saudi economy.

The partnership will see Lucid and KACST collaborate on several key areas.Researchers will leverage KACST's facilities and products to delve into advanced battery technologies and materials.Additionally,the team will explore advancements in aerodynamics,autonomous driving,and artificial intelligence specific to electric vehicles.Notably,the partnership will also encompass rigorous testing to ensure EVs perform optimally in Saudi Arabia's hot climate.

Faisal Sultan,Lucid's Vice President and Managing Director for the Middle East,highlighted the company's vision of inspiring sustainable energy adoption through cutting-edge technology.He emphasized that this partnership represents a significant step towards achieving this goal.By working together,Lucid and KACST hope to propel the EV industry forward and promote sustainable transportation solutions,aligning with Saudi Arabia's vision for economic diversification.

Dr.Talal Bin Ahmed Al-Sudairi,representing KACST,emphasized the role their state-of-the-art facilities will play in advancing electric vehicle systems.He anticipates the research to not only enhance EV technology but also support the development of technologies critical for autonomous driving,aligning with Saudi Arabia's goals for research and development in the energy and industrial sectors.

The joint research and development headquarters will be situated at KACST's National Laboratories,with an anticipated launch date in the third quarter of 2024.This collaboration signifies a significant stride towards not only advancing electric vehicle technology but also bolstering Saudi Arabia's position in the sustainable transportation landscape.

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