Liminal Custody Granted FSP License, Bolstering Middle Eastern Digital Asset Security

Liminal Custody Solutions, a leading provider of digital asset custody and wallet infrastructure, has secured a Financial Services Permission (FSP) license from the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA). This prestigious license marks a significant step for Liminal, solidifying their commitment to regulatory compliance and innovation within the rapidly growing digital asset space.

The FSP license positions Liminal as a trusted partner for institutions seeking secure and compliant solutions to safeguard their digital assets. This not only allows Liminal to operate as a regulated custodian within the Middle East, a flourishing financial hub, but also broadens their reach to serve a wider range of clientele seeking best-in-class digital asset custody solutions.

"We are honored to receive the ADGM FSP license, " said Mahin Gupta, Founder of Liminal Custody Solutions. "This achievement represents the culmination of significant effort from our entire team, dedicated to upholding the highest regulatory standards. Building trust within the ever-evolving digital asset industry is a core principle for us. The ADGM FSP license serves as a powerful validation of our commitment to compliance, and we are confident it will empower us to further deliver best-in-class custody solutions to our clients. "

The Importance of Regulatory Harmony

The digital asset industry is experiencing exponential growth, with a corresponding demand for clear regulations to foster long-term stability and mainstream adoption. Liminal believes that a robust regulatory framework, coupled with continuous innovation, is the cornerstone for building a secure and thriving digital asset ecosystem. By adhering to stringent regulations, Liminal ensures the safety and security of client assets, while their unwavering commitment to innovation allows them to develop cutting-edge solutions that address the evolving needs of the digital asset landscape. This two-pronged approach – prioritizing both regulatory compliance and technological advancement – positions Liminal as a leader in the digital asset custody space.

"We congratulate Liminal on completing their licensing process and receiving the FSP license, " said Arvind Ramamurthy, Chief of Market Development at ADGM. "Liminal's focus on regulatory compliance and innovative solutions aligns with ADGM's vision for fostering a dynamic and trusted financial ecosystem that prioritizes upholding the highest standards of security and innovation. We look forward to Liminal's contribution to the growth of the digital asset industry in Abu Dhabi and beyond. "

A Springboard for Growth

Commenting on the achievement, Amir Tabch, CEO of Liminal Custody Solutions Middle East and Senior Executive Officer of the Category 3C ADGM-Regulated Entity First Answer Middle East Limited, stated:"Earning the ADGM FSP license is a clear indicator of Liminal's dedication to compliance and innovation. This achievement positions us not only at the forefront of digital asset custody but also signifies our pivotal role in its future evolution. By equally valuing regulatory compliance and technological progress, we aim to equip institutions with the confidence to explore the transformative potential of the digital asset realm. This milestone is a springboard for Liminal's continued growth and a significant contribution towards the digital asset industry's maturity. "

Liminal's acquisition of the FSP license is a significant development for the digital asset industry in the Middle East. It demonstrates the growing importance of regulatory compliance and paves the way for further institutional adoption of digital assets. With their unwavering focus on both security and innovation, Liminal is well-positioned to play a leading role in the future of digital asset custody.

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