Etihad Credit Insurance Unveils "Xport Xponential" Initiative

Etihad Credit Insurance (ECI), the United Arab Emirates' federal export credit agency, launched the "Xport Xponential" initiative during the 3rd edition of the "Make it in the Emirates Forum 2024" in Abu Dhabi. This strategic program aims to bolster the export capabilities of UAE-based businesses, with a particular focus on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

"Xport Xponential" offers a multifaceted approach to empower Emirati exporters. The initiative facilitates access to innovative financial solutions through partnerships forged with UAE's financial and banking sectors. This paves the way for Emirati businesses to secure financing solutions that cater to their specific export needs.

Furthermore, the program grants participants access to a comprehensive database encompassing over 300 million companies worldwide. This vast resource furnishes Emirati exporters with valuable market insights and potential business partners across the globe.

A significant feature of "Xport Xponential" centers on supporting businesses venturing into markets associated with the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreements (CEPA). The initiative streamlines market entry procedures for Emirati exporters targeting CEPA countries, offering them a significant advantage in navigating these markets.

The launch of "Xport Xponential" aligns with the UAE's broader strategic objectives of diversifying its economy and establishing the nation as a global trade hub. By mitigating the risks associated with exporting and offering vital market information, ECI's initiative empowers Emirati businesses to compete effectively on the international stage.

This program is expected to contribute significantly to the UAE's non-oil export sector. By providing financial safeguards, market intelligence, and streamlined access to CEPA markets, "Xport Xponential" furnishes Emirati exporters with the tools and resources necessary to flourish in the global marketplace. The initiative's focus on SMEs is particularly noteworthy, as these businesses represent a critical component of the UAE's economic growth. By nurturing the export capabilities of SMEs, "Xport Xponential" fosters economic diversification and paves the way for a more robust and resilient UAE economy.

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