Etihad Airways Takes Flight with New Partnerships, Expanding Global Network

Etihad Airways has soared to new heights with the announcement of reciprocal interline partnerships with five airlines,significantly boosting travel options for its customers.This strategic move broadens Etihad's global network,offering passengers seamless connections to a wider range of destinations.

The partnerships encompass Kam Air in Afghanistan,SKY Express in Greece,Rex Airlines in Australia,Jeju Air in South Korea,and Myanmar Airways International.These interline agreements streamline travel for all parties involved.Passengers can book their entire journey,including connecting flights,on a single ticket with the added convenience of checked baggage delivered directly to their final destination.

"We are continuously striving to expand our network reach and provide seamless connections across our network," said Arik De,Etihad's Chief Revenue and Commercial Officer."These five interline agreements simplify travel for our guests and those of our partner airlines."

The new partnerships unlock a treasure trove of travel possibilities for Etihad passengers.Travelers departing from Abu Dhabi's Zayed International Airport can now connect with Kam Air for onward travel to Kabul,Afghanistan.

Furthermore,those flying on Etihad's twice-daily flights to Athens can seamlessly connect with SKY Express to explore 28 captivating destinations across Greece and its idyllic Mediterranean islands.

For travelers seeking to explore the vast landscapes of Australia,Rex Airlines offers effortless connections from Etihad's gateways in Sydney and Melbourne to 22 destinations,including Adelaide,Hobart,Canberra,Brisbane,and the Gold Coast.

Venturing further east,Jeju Air allows passengers to continue their journeys from Seoul to 27 destinations spanning seven countries in Northeast Asia.

Finally,the partnership with Myanmar Airways International grants Etihad passengers enhanced access to Yangon and Mandalay through Etihad's gateways in South Asia.

With the addition of these five airlines,Etihad boasts an impressive network of 123 interline,codeshare,and strategic partnerships with airlines around the globe.

The expanded interline offerings are now bookable across all Etihad sales channels,including the airline's website ( and through travel agents.

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