EDGE Acquires Majority Stake in CONDOR, Becomes Non-Lethal Tech Powerhouse

Abu Dhabi, UAE - May 1, 2024 - In a move that significantly bolsters its non-lethal technology (NLT) capabilities, EDGE, a leading advanced technology and defense group headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, has acquired a 51% stake in CONDOR, a top-five global player in NLT from Brazil. This strategic acquisition positions EDGE as a dominant force in the NLT market, boasting a combined product portfolio exceeding 160 solutions.

CONDOR is a world leader in NLT solutions, particularly tear gas and related products used in military, law enforcement, and public safety situations. Their offerings extend far beyond tear gas, encompassing a wide range of NLT products including rubber ammunition, smoke and explosive grenades, pyrotechnics, tactical operation kits, and body-worn cameras with facial recognition capabilities. With a presence in over 85 countries, CONDOR brings a strong international footprint to the partnership.

"This acquisition represents a significant milestone for EDGE," said Hamad Al Marar, EDGE Group Managing Director & CEO. "By integrating CONDOR's expertise and world-class NLT solutions, we unlock new avenues for sustainable growth and innovation. This partnership allows us to offer an unparalleled range of technologies designed to protect life and uphold human rights across diverse scenarios."

The global NLT market, valued at approximately US$6 billion in 2023, is projected for significant growth by the end of the decade. EDGE's acquisition of CONDOR is a strategic move to capitalize on this expanding market.

"Civil unrest, immigration challenges, and the need for measured responses in populated environments are driving the demand for effective NLT solutions," explained Al Marar. "Through this partnership, EDGE gains the experience and knowledge of CONDOR, enabling us to deliver a comprehensive suite of NLT solutions to our customers, empowering them to protect lives and maintain order."

Carlos Erane de Aguiar, CEO and Founder of CONDOR, sees the partnership as mutually beneficial. "Joining forces with EDGE strengthens our commitment to building a safer future," he said. "By combining CONDOR's proven experience and dedication to quality with EDGE's reach and resources, we believe this partnership will create a win-win for all stakeholders, fostering economic growth in both Brazil and the UAE, while propelling the entire NLT landscape forward."

This acquisition marks a significant development in the NLT sector. With EDGE's global reach and CONDOR's established reputation, the combined entity is poised to become a leading force in providing innovative and effective NLT solutions for security forces and governments worldwide.

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