DWTC Events Drive $5 Billion Economic Boost

Dubai's events and exhibitions industry continues to be a significant economic driver, generating a staggering $5 billion (AED 18. 28 billion) in total economic output in 2023. This impressive figure is attributed to the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) and its successful hosting of 76 large-scale business events.

The report, highlighted in DWTC's 2023 Economic Impact Assessment, showcases the positive impact of these events beyond just attracting attendees. The large-scale conferences and exhibitions not only provided a platform for business connections but also significantly boosted other sectors like travel, hospitality, and retail.

The report emphasizes the substantial contribution of international participants. With a 53% year-on-year increase in foreign attendance, these international visitors spend considerably more, averaging AED 10, 313 per event – over six times the amount spent by local attendees. This translates to a significant economic impact across various sectors, further bolstering Dubai's position as a global business tourism hub.

DWTC's own events, including GITEX Global and Gulfood, were particularly successful, generating a combined economic output of $2 billion (AED 7. 22 billion). This highlights DWTC's expertise in curating world-class events that resonate with international audiences.

Sector diversity was another key takeaway from the report. Healthcare, medical and scientific events, information technology (ICT), and food, hotel, and catering emerged as the top performers, collectively contributing over $1. 6 billion (AED 6. 27 billion) to Dubai's economy.

Looking ahead, DWTC remains committed to solidifying Dubai's position as a leader in the global events and exhibitions landscape. They aim to achieve this by fostering new avenues for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and sustainable development.

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