Collinson Group and WithU Global Partner on Digital Solution

The travel industry is about to get a major wellness upgrade. The Collinson Group, a leader in travel and financial services, has announced a new global joint venture (JV) with WithU Global, a rising star in the FitTech (fitness technology) space. This partnership aims to revolutionize travel by providing an industry-first, end-to-end digital travel wellness solution launching later in 2024.

The innovative platform will offer personalized health and wellbeing recommendations specifically tailored to travelers' needs. Imagine pre-trip suggestions for jet lag adjustment or customized fitness routines that account for different destinations and activities. This comprehensive approach aims to enhance customer well-being throughout the entire travel journey, from pre-departure planning to post-trip recovery.

Here's the beauty of this solution:it can seamlessly integrate with existing travel platforms. Partner companies can offer their customers this optimized wellness experience directly within their own tech ecosystems. This eliminates the need for travelers to download separate apps or juggle multiple resources during their trips.

This venture marks The Collinson Group's strategic entry into the travel wellness space. It complements their existing travel offerings, which include airport lounge access programs (Priority Pass and LoungeKey), loyalty programs, and travel insurance. David Evans, CEO of Collinson Investments Ltd. , emphasizes the company's commitment to innovation:"We're passionate about driving advancements that evolve the travel industry. Partnering with WithU Global to invest in traveler wellness allows us to break new ground. We'll equip both partners and travelers with the tools they need for healthier, more confident journeys. "

WithU Global, on the other hand, brings its expertise in disrupting the fitness industry. Their mission is to empower people to lead healthier lives. Steve Clarke, WithU Global's Co-Founder and CEO, acknowledges the challenge:"Transforming travel sector wellness is a significant undertaking. But with The Collinson Group's decades of industry knowledge on our side, we're hitting the ground running. Combining our advanced FitTech capabilities with their expertise, we're confident this travel proposition will be a game-changer, paving the way for a significantly healthier travel experience for everyone. "

Edward Hewett, WithU Global's Co-Founder and JV CEO, highlights the growing demand for personalized wellness experiences in travel:"This joint venture reflects the immense potential of travel wellness and the desire for brands to offer fully customized options. We're excited to share more details about the product soon and launch it by the end of 2024. "

This collaboration between The Collinson Group and WithU Global promises to redefine travel experiences by prioritizing traveler well-being. With a focus on personalized recommendations, seamless integration, and industry expertise, this digital solution is poised to become a game-changer for the travel sector, encouraging a healthier and more enjoyable journey for all.

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