Canon and Dubai Business Women Council Partner to Empower Women in Imaging (498 words)

Canon, a leading global provider of imaging solutions, joined forces with the Dubai Business Women Council (DBWC) for a successful two-month program titled "Women Who Empower. " The initiative aimed to equip women with valuable skills and knowledge in the print and imaging industries. The program culminated in a celebratory event held on May 21st at Dubai Chamber, attended by participants, industry leaders, and executives from both organizations.

"Women Who Empower" consisted of three distinct modules:Printing, Photography, and Content Creation. Each module was designed to cater to the specific needs of the 25 participating women. Award-winning Emirati filmmaker Nahla Al Fahad led the Content Creation curriculum, while renowned sports photographer Jorge Ferrari, a Canon Ambassador, spearheaded the Photography module. Ayman Ali, Marketing Director, B2B, Canon Middle East, conducted the Printing module.

This initiative aligns with Canon's corporate philosophy of "Kyosei, " which emphasizes living and working together for the greater good. It also reflects the company's commitment to diversity and inclusion, evident in their various programs across the region. Canon's Middle East and Africa headquarters boasts a leadership team with over 63% women, a testament to their dedication to empowering women within the company.

"We are thrilled with the success of our collaboration with Canon, " stated Nadine Halabi, Business Development Manager at DBWC, during her opening remarks. "This program exemplifies the power of partnerships in empowering women. Together, we've paved the way for more opportunities and inclusivity in the print and imaging sectors. "

Venkatasubramanian (Subbu) Hariharan, Managing Director of Canon Middle East & Turkey, echoed this sentiment. "Diversity, equity, and inclusion are core values at Canon, " he remarked. "We believe in fostering an environment where everyone can flourish. Collaborating with partners like the Dubai Business Women Council strengthens our commitment to shaping a more inclusive and innovative future for the imaging industry. "

The program culminated in an impressive exhibition showcasing the participants' newly acquired skills and remarkable achievements. The exhibition displayed stunning photographs capturing the essence of Dubai, innovative print designs, and creative video content reflecting the diverse talents of the participants.

Two outstanding participants, Belinda Freeman and Grace Karim, were recognized for their exceptional dedication, creativity, and progress throughout the program.

Belinda Freeman expressed her transformation:"This program has been life-changing. Canon's dedication to empowering women has been remarkable. I honed my skills in photography, videography, and printing, allowing me to expand my business and launch a personalized cookbook project on Queen. Ae. Collaborating with Canon's social media team has significantly increased our reach and impact. The quality of Canon technology ensures my customers receive the best. I am inspired to create new products, and I'm incredibly grateful to Canon and DBWC for this opportunity. "

Sharing her experience, Grace Karim stated, "The 'Women Who Empower' initiative opened doors I never imagined. The training has empowered me to use my voice and creativity to drive positive societal change. I've made new connections and see possibilities for taking my business to new heights. "

The "Women Who Empower" program offered a comprehensive curriculum, covering the fundamentals of print, photography, and content creation. This multifaceted approach empowered women to not only capture high-quality images but also develop compelling narratives and leverage technology for impactful storytelling.

The program's success marks a significant milestone in empowering women within the print and imaging sectors. As Canon continues to champion diversity and inclusion, initiatives like "Women Who Empower" demonstrate the transformative power of collaboration. With plans for future programs and partnerships, Canon remains committed to fostering innovation, creativity, and empowerment for individuals and communities across the region.

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