Almosafer and Amadeus Deepen Partnership to Personalize Travel Experience with NDC Technology

Almosafer, a leading Saudi Arabian travel company, and Amadeus, a global travel technology giant, have announced a significant expansion of their long-standing partnership. This move will see Almosafer integrate Amadeus' New Distribution Capability (NDC) technology, aiming to personalize the travel experience for customers.

The core of the collaboration hinges on NDC, a data transmission standard that allows airlines to offer richer content and more dynamic pricing options directly to travel sellers like Almosafer. This empowers Almosafer to leverage Amadeus' data analysis expertise to deliver highly targeted and customized travel packages to its customers.

This partnership signifies Almosafer's commitment to innovation and its focus on providing a future-proof travel experience. By implementing the NDC-enabled travel API solution, Almosafer can tailor offerings based on individual customer preferences.

The collaboration strengthens the existing bond between the two companies. Previously, Almosafer and Amadeus had collaborated on technological advancements that enhanced flight booking experiences. This was followed by an expansion into the hotel sector and the launch of a payment solution – Amadeus B2B Wallet – facilitating optimized virtual credit card payments for Almosafer's hotel partners.

By integrating NDC technology, Almosafer and Amadeus aim to foster a win-win situation for airlines and travel agencies. Airlines gain the ability to showcase differentiated offerings with the latest merchandising techniques, while travel agencies like Almosafer can provide a richer experience for their customers through personalized travel products.

This collaboration between Almosafer and Amadeus underscores the growing importance of NDC technology in the travel industry. As the industry strives to personalize the travel experience and cater to individual needs, NDC is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of travel retail.

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