ACI Asia-Pacific Recognizes Airports for Sustainability Efforts

The Airports Council International (ACI) Asia-Pacific announced the winners of its 2024 Green Airports Recognition (GAR) program. The program honors airports in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions that have made significant strides in implementing sustainable practices. This year's theme, "Biodiversity and Nature-Based Solutions, " reflects the growing recognition of the aviation industry's impact on the natural world.

The GAR program is in its eighth year, and it serves as a platform for airports to showcase their environmental initiatives. Airports submitted applications detailing their projects focused on conserving biodiversity and incorporating nature-based solutions into their operations. These solutions can include anything from creating green spaces and wildlife habitats to implementing sustainable water management practices.

The ACI Asia-Pacific emphasizes the importance of sustainable airport growth. As the aviation industry recovers from the pandemic and passenger demand increases, there's a need to balance this growth with protecting the environment. The GAR program highlights airports that are successfully achieving this balance.

Airports were judged on a set of criteria that considered the comprehensiveness of their sustainability programs, the innovation of their projects, and the measurable results of their initiatives. Winners were divided into three categories:"Platinum, " "Gold, " and "Silver, " based on airport size.

The ACI Asia-Pacific commends the award-winning airports for their leadership in environmental sustainability. These airports serve as models for the aviation industry, demonstrating that environmentally conscious practices can be effectively integrated into airport operations.

By recognizing these airports, the ACI Asia-Pacific hopes to inspire others in the industry to prioritize sustainability. The aviation industry has a significant role to play in reducing its environmental impact, and the GAR program serves as a valuable tool for sharing best practices and promoting innovation in this area.

The winners of the 2024 Green Airports Recognition program will be officially announced in May 2024. This announcement will generate interest from within the aviation industry and draw public attention to the efforts airports are taking to become more sustainable.

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