SHUAA Capital Announces Leadership Reshuffle

SHUAA Capital Psc (DFM: SHUAA), a leading asset management and investment banking platform in the United Arab Emirates, has unveiled a significant leadership shift with the appointment of a new chairman and board members.

The company announced the re-election of three current board members – Badr Al Olama, Ahmed Al Ahmadi, and Hamda AlMheiri – while also welcoming Darwish Alketbi and Nabil Ramadhan as new directors. Notably, Badr Al Olama will assume the role of Chairman, with Nabil Ramadhan and Ahmed Al Ahmadi taking over as Vice Chairman and Managing Director, respectively.

Wafik Ben Mansour, Acting CEO of SHUAA Capital, expressed his enthusiasm about the incoming leadership team. "I'm delighted to welcome our new Board members, who bring a wealth of experience and fresh perspectives," he said. "I look forward to collaborating with them as we navigate the company through its next phase of growth."

The newly appointed board is expected to play a crucial role in driving SHUAA Capital's vision of becoming a regional leader in asset management and investment banking. According to Ben Mansour, the team's focus will be on fostering innovation and delivering exceptional value to both clients and shareholders.

This leadership reshuffle comes at a pivotal time for SHUAA Capital. The company has recently faced challenges, including the suspension of trading on the Dubai Financial Market and the delay in releasing its financial statements due to ongoing debt restructuring efforts. The new board is expected to provide the necessary guidance and strategic direction to help SHUAA Capital navigate these complexities and emerge stronger.

With a renewed leadership team at the helm, SHUAA Capital appears poised to capitalize on its strengths and establish itself as a frontrunner in the region's financial services landscape. The company's future trajectory will be closely followed by investors and industry observers alike.

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