NOTCOIN Streamlines Tokenomics Ahead of TON Launch

Popular Telegram game Notcoin has unveiled key updates to its upcoming token launch on The Open Network (TON), scheduled for April 20th.

In a move to streamline its in-game currency, the NOTCOIN team has implemented a 1,000:1 token conversion ratio. This means every 1,000 in-game coins will be equivalent to one NOT token upon launch. The total supply of NOT tokens will be capped at 102.7 billion, with a staggering 80.2 billion allocated for distribution to players. This ensures a significant portion of the token supply remains directly in the hands of the Notcoin community.

To ensure a fair playing field, the team will remove suspicious accounts believed to be operated by bots. This action aims to prevent inflated token holdings and create a more balanced ecosystem for legitimate players.

Following the launch, Notcoin will undergo a strategic shift. The game will be reintroduced with a revamped model that eliminates further token minting. This model will incorporate interactions with external projects, allowing players to earn rewards through these collaborations.

The tokenomics update reflects NOTCOIN's commitment to a sustainable and player-centric economy. The simplified token structure and capped supply aim to foster long-term value for the NOT token and the Notcoin ecosystem as a whole.

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