JIDU Sets New Standard for Intelligent Vehicles

JIDU, a rising star in China's intelligent car industry, has set its sights on the Middle East. The ROBOCAR startup, a collaboration between tech giant Baidu and car manufacturer Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, showcased its flagship JIYUE 01 electric SUV at the Mobility Live ME 2024 exhibition in Abu Dhabi. This marks JIDU's first international appearance, signifying a new chapter for AI-powered automobiles in the region.

The UAE, a leader in adopting electric vehicles (NEVs), served as a strategic location for JIDU's debut. JIDU's AI-powered technology and focus on human-centric design resonated with the exhibition's emphasis on the future of mobility.

JIYUE 01, known for its sleek design and advanced intelligence, boasts a unique selling point: becoming the world's first car to integrate Baidu's powerful AI technology. This integration allows for exceptional high-level autonomous driving based on visual perception, offering drivers a superior experience.

JIDU's entry into the Middle East market is expected to raise the bar for intelligent vehicles in the region. Their innovative approach, combining cutting-edge AI with a focus on user experience, positions JIDU as a strong contender in the global smart car race.

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