Double Duty: Bengaluru Rider Scores Same Driver on Two Cab Apps

A Bengaluru resident's recent ride-hailing experience has gone viral, sparking conversation about app usage and driver flexibility. The man, whose identity remains undisclosed, took to social media to share his surprise after booking cabs on both Ola and Uber, only to be picked up by the same driver in both instances.

The now-viral screenshot showcases the booking confirmations from both apps. The driver, identified as Ananda S., arrived in a white Toyota Etios for both rides. The passenger's post, simply captioned "Got the same ride on both Ola and Uber. How's this even possible?", has garnered significant attention online.

While the exact details of the bookings remain unknown, the incident has ignited a debate on driver utilization by ride-hailing platforms. Some netizens lauded Ananda S.'s dedication, suggesting his strategy maximized earning potential during a potentially slow period. Others expressed amusement at the serendipitous double-booking.

However, concerns were also raised regarding potential app exploitation. A section of commentators questioned the legality of a driver being active on both platforms simultaneously, particularly if it violated user agreements or compromised passenger safety. They urged regulatory bodies to investigate the possibility of such practices becoming widespread.

Ola and Uber, the ride-hailing giants at the center of this incident, have yet to comment on the situation. However, their respective platform guidelines typically restrict drivers from multi-apping while actively fulfilling a ride. Both companies prioritize passenger safety and emphasize driver accountability.

The incident has cast a spotlight on the dynamic relationship between ride-hailing platforms, drivers, and passengers. It raises questions about maximizing driver earnings, passenger expectations, and the potential loopholes that might exist within the systems employed by these app-based services. Whether this occurrence is an isolated event or a symptom of a larger trend remains to be seen. However, it has undeniably sparked a conversation about driver flexibility, platform limitations, and the ever-evolving landscape of the ride-hailing industry.

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