Blackmagic Design Unveils Editing Powerhouse: DaVinci Resolve 19

Blackmagic Design, a leader in video editing technology, has announced the release of DaVinci Resolve 19, the latest iteration of its popular editing software suite. Alongside DaVinci Resolve 19, Blackmagic Design also introduced the DaVinci Resolve Replay Editor, a dedicated hardware control panel designed to streamline live production workflows.

DaVinci Resolve 19 boasts a significant upgrade with the inclusion of powerful new artificial intelligence (AI) tools powered by the DaVinci Neural Engine. These AI features are set to transform editing workflows, particularly for video editors working on fast-paced projects. Editors can now leverage AI for tasks like text-based timeline editing, allowing them to search for specific words within transcribed audio to quickly locate and edit clips.

Music remixing is another area that benefits from AI. DaVinci Resolve 19 utilizes AI to intelligently adapt the length of a song to fit the desired edit duration, ensuring seamless integration of music tracks into video projects. Automatic dialogue separation is yet another AI-powered feature that promises to save editors significant time. This feature isolates dialogue from background noise, making it easier to adjust dialogue volume or create clean audio for podcasts or interviews.

For colorists, DaVinci Resolve 19 introduces exciting new tools that enhance the creative grading process. The ColorSlice vector grading palette empowers colorists with greater control over color variations within an image. This allows for highly nuanced and precise color adjustments. Additionally, the new film look creator effect helps colourists achieve dreamlike cinematic aesthetics by emulating classic photochemical film processes.

Fairlight, the integrated audio editing suite within DaVinci Resolve, gains its own set of AI-powered features. Fairlight Audio now leverages AI for intelligent audio track panning. By analyzing motion within the video frame, Fairlight can automatically pan audio sources to match the movement on screen, creating a more immersive and realistic soundscape.

Beyond AI integration, DaVinci Resolve 19 boasts over 100 new features designed to improve editing efficiency and extend creative capabilities. Editors can now work with multi-source clips, allowing them to combine footage from different cameras into a single clip for easier editing. Resolve FX also gets an upgrade with several new plugins and effects at editors' disposal.

The announcement of DaVinci Resolve 19 coincides with the introduction of the DaVinci Resolve Replay Editor. This dedicated hardware control surface caters specifically to live production environments. The DaVinci Resolve Replay Editor integrates seamlessly with Blackmagic Design's HyperDeck recorders, enabling users to record multiple camera feeds into a shared storage system. DaVinci Resolve 19 then takes center stage, acting as a powerful playback engine for live replays. Editors working on live events can use the DaVinci Resolve Replay Editor to control playback, switch between camera angles, and even color grade footage on the fly, all within the familiar DaVinci Resolve interface.

This combination of software and hardware innovation from Blackmagic Design empowers editors, colorists, and audio professionals with a comprehensive and efficient suite of tools, fostering a more streamlined and creative post-production workflow.

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