Property Boom in Dubai Fueled by Golden Visa Program

Dubai's real estate market is experiencing a surge in demand thanks to the emirate's Golden Visa program, which offers investors a 10-year residency permit. This influx of interest is causing a shift in both buyer behavior and developer strategies.

Industry insiders report a growing trend of investors increasing their budgets to meet the minimum investment threshold of AED 2 million (USD 545,000) required for the Golden Visa. Many potential buyers initially looking at properties in the AED 1.5 million to AED 1.9 million range are now opting for slightly pricier options to secure the coveted residency permit.

"We've seen a number of clients who were about to settle on properties just below the AED 2 million mark, but ultimately decided to adjust their budgets to qualify for the Golden Visa," said a Dubai-based property broker. "This trend is definitely driving demand for properties at the higher end of the market."

This change in buyer behavior is prompting developers to adapt their offerings. To cater to the growing interest in AED 2 million properties, some developers are strategically adjusting the size of their units. Previously planned apartments in the AED 1.8 million to AED 1.9 million range are being redesigned to reach the AED 2 million mark, making them more attractive to Golden Visa seekers.

"One developer we work with initially planned to launch units priced between AED 1.8 million and AED 1.9 million," explained the broker. "However, recognizing the demand for Golden Visa-eligible properties, they decided to increase the size of the units slightly, pushing the price point just above AED 2 million."

The Golden Visa program's impact extends beyond just property size. The overall demand for real estate in Dubai has risen significantly since its introduction. This surge is fueled by both foreign investors seeking residency and existing tenants looking to capitalize on ownership opportunities, particularly in light of rising rental prices in the city.

Analysts believe the Golden Visa program will continue to be a major driver of Dubai's real estate market. The program's appeal lies in its ability to attract foreign investment, stimulate the property sector, and provide long-term residency options for successful applicants. It remains to be seen how long this trend will persist, but for now, the Golden Visa is proving to be a golden opportunity for Dubai's property market.

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