From Grid to Grass: F1's Gasly Makes Surprise Move into Football Ownership

French Formula One driver Pierre Gasly has surprised fans with a foray beyond the racetrack, becoming a co-owner of FC Versailles, a football club in his home country. This move signals a long-held ambition for Gasly, who has spoken of his desire to be involved in professional football.

FC Versailles currently competes in Championnat National 3, the third tier of the French football league system. The club, based just outside Paris, has ambitions of climbing the ranks and reaching Ligue 1 or Ligue 2, France's top two divisions. Gasly's investment is seen as a major boost for the club, not only financially but also in terms of profile and potential influence.

"I am happy to join FC Versailles because I have always wanted to be active in professional football," Gasly said. He highlighted the shared values and ambitions he sees with the club's existing owners, Alexandre Mulliez and Fabien Lazare. "Alexandre and Fabien and I share the same values, the same ambitions and the same competitive spirit, which will allow us all to move the club forward in a positive way. This is the beginning of a wonderful story," he declared, expressing his enthusiasm for the new venture.

The feeling is mutual. FC Versailles president Mulliez, himself a Formula One fan, sees Gasly as a valuable addition to the ownership team. "Pierre Gasly complements Fabien and myself very well," Mulliez stated. "[His] experience and determination will be a major asset for the club's development project."

Gasly's involvement with FC Versailles is not expected to impact his racing career. He remains a key driver for Alpine F1 Team, and his focus will continue to be on achieving success on the track. However, this new venture hints at a future beyond Formula One for the ambitious Frenchman. It allows him to explore his passion for football while potentially building a lasting legacy in the beautiful game.

The news of Gasly's investment has generated excitement among FC Versailles fans. The club's social media channels have been buzzing with messages of support, with many fans hopeful that Gasly's involvement will usher in a new era of success for the team. Only time will tell how Gasly's dual pursuit of racing glory and football club ownership will unfold, but one thing is certain: the Frenchman is not afraid to chase his dreams, both on and off the track.

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