Deloitte, AI leader to jointly offer enterprise-grade AI security

 CalypsoAI, a leader in AI Security and Enablement, announced it has partnered with Deloitte Middle East to bring the power of its enterprise-grade AI security and enablement platform, Moderator, to regional organizations looking to take advantage of generative AI tools. 

The partnership will provide enterprises located in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, and other countries with access to CalypsoAI's best-in-class platform and Deloitte's consulting services to offer customized AI security solutions tailored to their business needs and long-term goals.

 According to MIT Sloan Management Review’s The State of Generative AI in the Middle East report, 72% of executives from companies in the region say they use generative AI tools within their organization, with an additional 21% seriously considering adopting the technology. Yet, despite this enthusiasm, 64.7% of respondents shared that lack of governance is a major hurdle to adopting generative AI. 

CalypsoAI’s Moderator solution addresses security and governance concerns by giving enterprises visibility into how models are being used within the organization and the ability to set specific controls and parameters to mitigate risk. The model-agnostic platform blocks prompt-driven techniques like role-playing and reverse psychology that would otherwise breach boundaries, keeping sensitive data secure within an organization. With Moderator, threat actors attempting to exploit LLM responses are effectively barred from infiltrating a company’s digital ecosystem.

Within this new partnership, Deloitte Middle East will offer access to Moderator so enterprises can overcome common regional security and governance hurdles. Joint customers will also have access to Deloitte’s critical knowledge and expertise around successfully deploying the Moderator solution in business contexts. Armed with this industry-leading AI security and governance platform, organizations will receive a customized deployment methodology from Deloitte that seamlessly creates the foundation needed to successfully deploy generative AI.

Technologies Leader, Deloitte Middle East. “CalypsoAI’s Moderator platform gives our clients a vehicle to take advantage of the power of AI while ensuring every use case is secure.”

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