Emirates Zoo Joins Prestigious WAZA Network

Emirates Park Zoo and Resort has been proudly accepted into the esteemed World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) network. This recognition marks a significant milestone for the renowned wildlife facility in Abu Dhabi.

WAZA, a global alliance of leading zoos and aquariums, rigorously evaluates and selects institutions based on their commitment to animal welfare, conservation, and education. Emirates Park Zoo's inclusion reflects its dedication to these principles and aligns with WAZA's high standards.

The membership provides Emirates Park Zoo with a platform to collaborate with international counterparts, fostering the exchange of best practices in animal care and conservation. This collaboration is expected to contribute positively to the global efforts in wildlife preservation.

Emirates Park Zoo, known for its extensive range of animal species and immersive exhibits, will now actively participate in WAZA's initiatives. This involvement includes contributing to conservation programs, sharing expertise, and engaging in joint research projects that aim to enhance the understanding and protection of various species.

The acceptance into the WAZA family underscores Emirates Park Zoo's ongoing commitment to wildlife conservation and education. Visitors can anticipate an even more enriching experience as the zoo integrates global standards into its operations, ensuring the well-being of its diverse animal residents.

This recognition is not only a source of pride for Emirates Park Zoo but also reinforces the United Arab Emirates' position as a key player in global conservation efforts. The collaboration with WAZA is set to elevate the zoo's status on the world stage and further amplify its impact on preserving biodiversity.

As Emirates Park Zoo embraces this new chapter within the WAZA network, it exemplifies the institution's dedication to the highest standards of animal welfare, conservation, and education. The mutual benefits arising from this partnership will undoubtedly contribute to the advancement of global wildlife preservation efforts.

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