Dubai Police Offers Online Certificates for Vehicle Breakdowns in Rain

Motorists in Dubai experiencing breakdowns during rain can now obtain official 'To Whom it May Concern' certificates swiftly through an online service provided by the Dubai Police.

The initiative aims to streamline the process for individuals stranded due to vehicle malfunctions caused by adverse weather conditions. The digital certification can serve as formal documentation for various purposes, such as employer notifications or insurance claims related to weather-induced breakdowns.

Dubai Police spokesperson, Lt. Ahmed Al Marri, emphasized the convenience and efficiency of the new online service. "Our goal is to assist individuals facing unexpected challenges, especially during adverse weather. This online certificate can be obtained without the need to visit a physical police station, saving time and effort for the affected individuals," stated Lt. Al Marri.

To avail the service, individuals need to access the Dubai Police official website or mobile application, where they can submit the necessary details and documentation. The digital certificate is then issued promptly, providing an official record of the incident.

This initiative aligns with Dubai's broader efforts to enhance public services through digital transformation. The online certificate service not only simplifies administrative processes for citizens but also contributes to the overall efficiency of law enforcement operations.

Lt. Ahmed Al Marri further highlighted the importance of accurate and timely documentation, stating, "In situations like a vehicle breakdown due to rain, having an official certificate is crucial for legal and administrative purposes. This digital service ensures that individuals can quickly obtain the required documentation, facilitating smoother interactions with relevant authorities."

The online 'To Whom it May Concern' certificate for rain-related vehicle breakdowns is part of Dubai Police's ongoing commitment to leveraging technology for improved public services. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, law enforcement agencies worldwide are embracing innovative solutions to enhance accessibility and convenience for citizens in various situations.

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